Skilled Craftsmen

Skilled Craftsmen

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The materials for the temple had been organized. The plans had been drawn. David declared that it was to “be exceedingly magnificent, famous, and glorious throughout all lands” (1 Chronicles 22:5). Although David made the preparations, Solomon was given the responsibility to build the temple.

This was a complex project with countless details. The blueprint was perfect. Costly stones had been collected, and each had to fit perfectly. Every beam had to be cut to precise measurements.

Solomon found the man he needed with the knowledge, skill, and experience to oversee this complex work in faraway Tyre. Hiram was uniquely prepared for this assignment. “Filled with wisdom, skill, and knowledge,” he was a master builder. The Bible used the same word that described Bezalel, the man God selected to build the tabernacle. Both men had been uniquely trained and equipped (Exodus 31:2-6).

The example of these men helps us see how God calls people to accomplish specific tasks. He gives unique gifts and talents to each of us. But we have the opportunity and responsibility to develop those gifts and then put them to use for His glory.

Remember, God has a unique calling for you. He has given you special gifts, talents, and resources. Be a good steward. Don’t hide your talents but invest them. Realize that you have been blessed, so you can bless others and do great things for God’s glory.