Singing with Joy and Gladness

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was a time of conflict. And Nils Frykman found himself on trial for his faith.

A teacher by trade, Frykman also was a musician, the composer of many hymns. His life had been revolutionized in the revivals that swept throughout Sweden in the late 19th century. Eager to tell others how Jesus changed his life, Frykman began preaching the Gospel.

But his actions were not approved by the state church, which had not given him a license to preach. In 1880, the local school council warned that he could not continue teaching unless he conformed to official church policies. Frykman did not want to fight but simply could not compromise his faith. So, in the summer of 1883, he left his teaching appointment to concentrate on his ministry.

During this time of conflict, Frykman wrote a hymn we know as “I Sing with Joy and Gladness.” In the world, he might have been going through tense times. But as we know from the translation provided by E. Gustav Johnson, Frykman’s heart was filled with joy because his soul “has found release.” He was “free from sin and sadness,” and was filled with peace.

He knew in his own flesh he had tried to “lead a better life.” But these efforts were “only vain illusions.” He still found his soul “at strife.” But everything changed after he relied on the “love of Jesus” who offers “forgiveness for the sinner.” Through Jesus, we have protection from our “evil adversary” and can be delivered from fear, knowing we “carry God’s armor in the fight.”

In your life, remember that you can be filled with the joy of the Lord, no matter what is going on in the world. Trust in Him. Be filled with His Spirit.