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As an important group of people in ancient Persia, the magi were expected to have a special level of understanding. One of their responsibilities was to be able to interpret the signs of the times, including events in the heavens. The people of Persia took their role seriously. As a result, this class of men were respected, and consistently held powerful positions.

History has many examples of their interpretations. One famous example occurred when the great Temple of Artemis at Ephesus burned down the night in 356 BC when Alexander the Great was born. According to historical accounts, magi interpreted this as an omen of calamities that would soon befall the mighty Persian Empire.

The magi who came to worship Jesus surely were highly regarded by people in their homeland. As men serious about their mission, they did not cross many hundreds of miles in dangerous conditions based on a mere feeling. They must have had a high degree of confidence that their interpretation was correct, and that the signs they were following were important.

Angels had spoken to shepherds about the birth of Jesus. But it was the stars that spoke to the magi. From their trained observations, they discovered that all creation pointed to the birth of a unique king. A king so special that their sole objective was to worship Him, to bow at His feet, to honor Him, and present gifts to Him.

Today, the signs still point to this One Savior. He truly is Christ the Lord. Bring Him your gifts. Seek Him with your whole heart. Worship Him. Celebrate His birth, and let everyone know that He is your Lord.