Shrewd and Harmless

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Great Depression (that began in 1929) had a devastating impact for many companies. Many suffered, but some actually found ways to grow their business.

One company initially was stung when its customers began cutting back. Sales were down. The company seemed in trouble, until they made what seemed like a bold decision. Its leaders realized that depressed conditions didn’t change consumer needs. People still needed their products.

While others were cutting back, this company looked for innovative solutions. Others stopped advertising but this company continued. Realizing the popularity of radio, they decided to sponsor radio programs, particularly those aimed at homemakers. Audiences loved these stories, and their characters. The programs became creative ways to promote their products.

In the next few years, the company developed similar programs to support other products. Soon they were producing many “soap operas.” And when television was introduced, they became among the first to develop “operas” for this medium.

Many people simply react to events like the crowd. They do what seems popular. They are dominated by conditions in the world, and have limited thinking. But, as Jesus warned, some people are like “wolves.” Taking advantage of others. Thinking only of themselves.

Jesus urged His followers always to have an attitude filled with faith. To keep their hearts pure, being “harmless as doves.” But He also encouraged them to be “shrewd.” To be good at their craft. To observe the signs of the times. To be creative. To be motivated by Godly wisdom to make the right decisions. To realize that His promises always are true, no matter what happens in the world.

In your life, seek God’s wisdom. Apply Biblical principles. Believe Him for favor. Expect Him to keep His promises. Remember. He can bless you no matter what is happening around you. Trust in Him!