Serving the Lord Faithfully

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The voices over the telephone could not hide the emotions. Interviewers from an independent marketing firm were stunned by the honest comments made by pastors in a series of interviews. The goal had been to learn about their experiences, and if they felt adequately prepared for their ministry.

All seemed to share a sense of isolation, and even loneliness. As pastors, they felt they were expected to be perfect, yet all were human. They, too, had needs, including the need for people they could trust.

Yet they all admitted difficulty in finding trustworthy friends. Many were concerned about the consequences of being too honest, wondering what rumors might spread.

As these pastors realized, the task of serving the Lord can be lonely. We find these same kinds of emotions in Paul’s letter to Timothy. He felt “deserted” by Demas and left by other companions. He had been hurt by Alexander the coppersmith. Only Luke was with him. How he longed for Timothy to arrive, and urged him to bring Mark.

These concerns of these pastors provide sobering reminders that, within the Body of Christ, we all need each other. We need people to trust. People with whom we can pray without fear.

For maturity and stability, each of us needs a strong, personal relationship with the Lord, and an active prayer life. Our minds should be filled with His Word. But we also need spiritually-mature friends and family members, people with discernment whom we trust.

Today, remember to pray for those you know in ministry. Pastors and teachers. Missionaries and evangelists. Stand in the gap for them. Support them, as members of the same Body. And always remember to be a person others can trust.