Serving God

Serving God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Satan argued that the only reason Job acted with integrity was because of the benefits. If God’s blessings were removed, Satan maintained, Job would abandon his faith, and even “curse” God. This is a central theme of the book of Job, and it raises questions for each of us.

In our own ways, we must grapple with these kinds of issues. Yes, the Bible makes clear that applying Biblical principles leads to blessing; God desires to bless us. At the same time, we all face life’s realities, challenges, uncertainties, and trials.

As Job discovered, one key issue is our relationship with God. Is life only about pleasing ourselves? Personal satisfaction? Or are there higher goals? A greater purpose? Do we serve God only if we receive immediate benefits? Is it possible to abandon our faith?

The followers of Jesus faced similar issues. Many followed because they thought He would produce political victories. Others liked His teaching and miracles. But when He failed to live up to their expectations, some stopped walking with Him.

He asked the twelve if they also would go away. Simon Peter answered that they didn’t have a choice. They knew that Jesus alone has “words of eternal life.” He alone is “the Holy One of God” (John 6:66-69). The story of Job reminds us that we need to serve God all the time, in every situation. We can be confident that we can trust Him.