Serious Alert Ready

Serious, Alert, Ready

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Romans might have wanted to escape, focus on being entertained, and enjoy lighter things. But Paul urged them to remember why they needed a clear perspective on the times in which they lived. They needed to be alert, sensitive, and have the right priorities.

Not long after this letter was written, severe persecution of Christians took place under Emperor Nero. No doubt some people to whom Paul wrote became martyrs. But they all needed to be awake, ready, and doing their Father’s business.

They could have been distracted or fallen asleep spiritually in many ways. They needed to be vigilant to purge the darkness from their lives, to be sure that their lives were pleasing to God. They needed to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit.

Even today believers can fall asleep spiritually in many ways. We can be lulled into complacency or let down our guard. We can feel that our situation seems hopeless. Or we can give up, concluding that our efforts don’t matter.

The Bible reminds us that God has assignments for each person. We are called to perform tasks. Fulfilling these tasks should be our focus. And we should be serious about God’s Word and the signs of the times.

Today, ask God to give you His priorities. Stay focused on His assignments for you. Be alert and ready. Never distracted. Seek first His kingdom. Dedicate your life to serving Him.