Selfless Motivation

Selfless Motivation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Ezra had been sent on a critical assignment: to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. It was a directive issued by King Cyrus himself (Ezra 1:1-3). The Persian empire was to fund the project.

As he carried out this assignment, Ezra might have been tempted to use this opportunity for personal advancement, to see this as a career move, a way he could gain prestige or status. But Ezra did not focus on himself or show favoritism. Throughout this assignment, he focused on serving God and being sure He was pleased with his work.

This focus freed him from fear and anxiety. He wasn’t distracted by criticism and didn’t pay attention to gossip or other opinions. He had courage because “the hand of the Lord” was on him. He knew he was obeying God’s will.

It can be hard to have this kind of focus. We easily can find ourselves distracted or concerned with our reputation. We think about who gets credit when things go right or the blame for problems.

Ezra provides a good model for freedom from stress, worry, and fear. In everything you do, focus on God. Pray and commit every project to Him. Seek to serve Him selflessly. Ask Him to help you purify your motives. Seek His kingdom, not your own. Allow His peace to flood your life. He will give you joy, courage, and fulfillment that can only come from serving Him.