Seeking God Early

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Looking for answers, David realized that God was his only hope. He also realized that he had choices. Did he really depend on God? What practical steps was he taking to prove that dependence? Did he really want to hear from God?

David realized how easily we can take God for granted. The choice was up to him. Was he serious about seeking God?

David responded by making God his focus and highest priority. He cried out for His wisdom, and would not allow himself to be distracted or to be dominated by other interests. He determined to seek God early and often.

The reality is that God is with us, all the time. His Word always is true. His promises apply to every situation. But in spite of these truths, we can continue to trust in ourselves. We may think we trust God while really depending on ourselves. We may think we are standing on His Word and following His Spirit while leaning on our own understanding. We may think we are seeking His guidance when, in fact, we are not diligent in prayer.

There are many things that can occupy our time and attention. The pressures of daily schedules. Taking care of family and personal issues. Our work and family relationships. Hobbies and entertainment. If we are not careful, we can find ourselves drifting away from God. Forgetting His Word. Filling our minds with thoughts of this world.

Today, and throughout the new year, remember your part in your relationship with God. Don’t take Him for granted. Make God your highest priority. Devote meaningful time to seek Him. Read His Word faithfully. Pray, and make Him the foundation of your life.