Seeking God with Your Desire

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

We might assume that Rehoboam would have been a successful king. He must have learned Israel’s history from people like his grandfather, David, and his father, Solomon.

How God miraculously delivered them from bondage, and brought them into the Promised Land. How He had called, blessed, and prospered them.

He had heard the psalms written by his grandfather, and the proverbs of his father. He had seen the temple and participated in worshiping the true God. He had been taught His laws.

Yet, in spite of all these things, Rehoboam “did evil.” And the Bible tells us exactly why he made these mistakes and turned his back on God.

The path to corruption began because his heart was not set on seeking or yearning for God “with all his desire.” He made God just another option to consider. The things of God were part of his life, but they were not the core. He had other priorities and desires that became preeminent, and which permanently captured his imagination.

Just like Rehoboam, each of us can drift away from God. In fact, no matter how spiritual our background, our faith can become an option, and just part of our lives. Our true desire can be with the honors, rewards, and pleasures of this world.

If we want to experience victorious living and see the fulfillment of God’s Promises, we need to make God and His Word the center of our lives. We must seek Him, want Him, and yearn for Him.

If we stop seeking Him, we can drift into sin, just like Rehoboam. He is our security, our compass, our balance, our wisdom, and our peace.

Remember this example. Strive to seek God with all your heart, soul, and mind.