Saved by God’s Grace

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The mountain of Kailas is located north of the Himalayan passes, on the storm-swept Tibetan plateau. Of this mountain, author Peter Hopkirk has written, “Wreathed in mystery, superstition and perpetual snow, the 22,000-foot peak is believed by both Buddhists and Hindus to lie at the very center of existence.”

For countless years, followers of both religions have risked their lives to reach this remote mountain. Why? They believe that going around this mountain washes away “the sins of a lifetime.”

But just getting to Kailas is difficult. Hopkirk described how many “have perished in the icy passes, the victims of frost-bite or starvation, avalanches or bandits.” Yet people still come, even today. Some even carry “heavy rocks on their arduous circuit of the holy mountain as an act of extreme penance.”

While some would ridicule the extreme acts of these pilgrims, many Christians act in similar ways today. They continue to carry unnecessary burdens throughout their lives, unable to believe that, because of Jesus, their sins have been washed away. They cannot accept the fact that Jesus died for them or that God truly loves them unconditionally.

If you are like this, the Bible has a simple message: You are saved, not because of any works that you do but by grace, through faith. Commit your burdens to God. Let Him take them all away. Remember that God loves you and Jesus died for you, just as you are. Accept His grace and His forgiveness for all of your sins. Accept the full salvation that is yours.