Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Bible reminds us that God gives us the freedom to make choices. But He also wants us to realize we are responsible for our actions, and we can expect consequences for the choices we make.

As Jeremiah describes, God watches the way we live. He sees the inevitable failure of some decisions and how frequently people seem willing to turn their backs on the truths He has revealed and the principles that can lead to success.

As we make decisions, we can be influenced by people in this world who can make their ways seem desirable. We can feel compelled to follow them, even if this means ignoring or rejecting the things of God and roaming from the sure foundation He has given us.

When faced with these kinds of temptations, we need to consider what God has done for us and remember that His Word has passed the test of time.

We need to ask ourselves some important questions. Are we sure that we want to ignore God? What has happened in the past to those who ignored His promises and violated His Word? In contrast, what has happened to those who kept His Word and applied His principles? Why would we follow paths that conflict with His will?

Ask God to help you stay true to Him and avoid the tendency to roam. Remember the principles in His Word and apply them in your life.