Revelation to Servants

Revelation to Servants and Saints

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In this vision, Jesus described “things which must soon take place.” But there was one important condition: These revelations were revealed exclusively to “His bond-servants.” These were not casual Christians but people with a total commitment who served Him without reservation. They laid aside their own plans, ready to do His will. They were not concerned about popularity or the opinions of others but had surrendered their lives to Him.

This same pattern is true today as God looks for people who truly trust Him and are confident He understands the present and knows everything that will happen in the future. He possesses deeper levels of insights about business and science, strategies and planning, education and relationships, technology and ministry, and every area of life. And He is ready to reveal deeper truths to those who are His servants, who have the right perspective and attitude.

If you want to receive deeper insights, make sure you are available for God, listening and sensitive to His Spirit. Seek Him. Commit to being His servant. Declare that Jesus is your Lord. Demonstrate that you belong to Him through the choices you make. Be ready to obey Him in your relationships and finances, lifestyle and hobbies, words and deeds.

As you demonstrate that you are His servant, be sensitive to receive more of His truth, more of His revelations about “things which must soon take place,” more about His plans for your life.