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The son of a successful financier, John Pierpont Morgan gradually rose to prominence in the banking world. After working in several finance firms, he gradually established his own reputation, becoming known just by his initials, “J. P.” In 1871, he became a partner in the firm of Drexel, Morgan and Company, which soon became the predominant source of U.S. government financing.

Born on this day in 1837 in Hartford, Connecticut, Morgan developed excellent contacts in London financial institutions, and was able to provide the rapidly growing American companies with capital from British bankers.

One of his pioneering achievements was his role in reorganizing American railroads, culminating in 1885 as he arranged an agreement between two large railroad organizations. Through deals like this, he became a formidable power broker.

Through his leadership, Drexel, Morgan and Company emerged as one of the world’s most powerful banking houses. It was called upon to solve several serious government financial crises, including the “panic of 1893.” The firm was reorganized as J. P. Morgan and Company in 1895 and remains a powerful force, under the name, JPMorgan Chase.

Companies like the one started by J. P. Morgan exercise great financial leverage. If we are not careful, we can focus our attention on these companies and their influence. But the Bible reminds us that we need to focus on God. In fact, He controls the world’s resources and His power is greater than any person or company, government, or bank.

As you think about your life, make it your goal to please God and seek first His Kingdom. The Bible promises that He will meet your needs. But also remember that you only Reap what you Sow. Make sure to invest your resources in His Kingdom.