Residents of Heaven

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Sometime in the early 2nd century AD, an unknown person wrote a letter to an influential pagan named Diognetus. This person had been investigating Christians, and he reported his observations.

The writer noted that Christians “are indistinguishable from other men either by nationality, language or customs. They do not inhabit separate cities of their own, or speak a strange dialect, or follow some outlandish way of life.”

Yet he observed that these Christians were different: “There is something extraordinary about their lives.” For one thing, “their teaching is not based upon reveries inspired by the curiosity of men” and not based on “purely human doctrine.”

They may “play their full role as citizens,” but “they live in their own countries as though they were only passing through.” For them, “any country can be their homeland.” He recognized that “they are citizens of Heaven,” and their homeland “is a foreign country.” Even though “they live in the flesh,” he commented that “they are not governed by the desires of the flesh.”

Through his investigation, this writer had identified a central fact of the Christian life. The Bible tells us that “our citizenship is in heaven.” Our focus needs to be on heavenly things and on serving God.

Today, remember that you are a citizen of Heaven and that your first loyalty is to God’s Kingdom. Don’t become anxious about the things of this world. Rather, live in such a way that others will see that there is something different about your life. Commit your time, talent, and treasure to God, and allow Him to help you change the world.