Receiving What God Has Promised

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Some people go through life with a “come what may” attitude. Accepting what happens as inevitable, they act as if they have no choice or as if their actions make no difference. They may have some knowledge of the Bible, but they don’t seem to feel that its promises apply to them.

The example of Caleb demonstrates that God wants us to realize the many ways He desires to bless us. It also shows how we play a role in receiving these blessings.

Reading his story, we see that Caleb made big demands. He did not ask God for just any mountain, but he requested a specific mountain. He believed God had promised him this mountain, so he was bold enough to ask for it.

Was Caleb condemned for being greedy or self-centered? No! In fact, he was rewarded, because he knew what God had promised and believed that God’s promises were true. He expected God to keep His Word and was bold enough to remind Him of these promises. He also asked specifically to receive what the Lord had promised.

We can imagine what would have happened if Caleb had not been so bold, or if he had not taken action.

This is a powerful reminder of the importance of knowing God’s promises and believing that they are true…for us! We must be willing to remind God of His promises, to stand firmly on them and ask Him to fulfill them. We don’t need to feel guilty. We simply are reminding our Father of His promises.

Today, ask yourself what God has promised you. Remember: He cannot lie, and His promises are true for you. Be bold. Believe His Word. Confess it. Receive all that God has promised!