Really Devoted to Prayer

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many Christians feel confident that they have an adequate prayer life, and think that they spend enough time in prayer. But the Bible provides a perspective that challenges these assumptions. In fact, prayer can be so much deeper and more meaningful than many long-time believers imagine.

Prayer can unlock the riches of heaven. It can call down the power of God to save the lost, perform miracles, and change the course of nations. It can bring us into harmony with Almighty God and help us experience more of His riches, wisdom, and blessings.

How do we enter into this deeper level of prayer and experience more of this vital prayer life? Paul said that one key is to be “steadfast” in our prayers. He used a Hebrew word that indicates perseverance and diligence. It means being intensely focused and completely committed.

This kind of prayer begins with a recognition that prayer is not a ritual but central to our relationship with God. With a realization that He is with us all the time. We do not need to wait for church services or special times or places to pray. We can talk with Him at any time about any subject.

This is prayer that comes from our hearts. It is prayer that is “earnest, unwearied, and steadfast.” It is prayer in which we always are “alert” and never give up.

Today, ask God to help you evaluate your prayer life. Do you need more power? Would you like to be closer to Him? Do you find yourself succumbing to temptations? If you want His help, seek a new devotion to prayer. Make prayer a constant part of your daily life. Remember that God always is with you, to provide whatever you need. Call on Him right now.