Ready to Hear and See

Ready to Hear and See

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

As Paul spoke to leading Jews in Rome, some were persuaded by his message. But “others would not believe” (v. 24). In his comments, Paul gave them a parting word, quoting from the prophet Isaiah. These were important insights that apply to anyone who fails to grasp God’s message.

Isaiah provided a vivid description of people who had an opportunity to receive but refused to listen. Isaiah said that their heart “has become dull” (v. 27). The Greek word here means to be thick or fat. It was a word of symbolic importance. These hearts were burdened and preoccupied with other things.

Isaiah also said that this people “scarcely hear.” The Bible uses a Greek word that means heavy or with difficulty. In truth, heavy ears cannot hear, and closed eyes cannot see. And burdened hearts cannot receive.

All of us, even mature believers, can find it difficult to hear from God when many things are on our minds and when our thoughts are cluttered with the things of the world. How easily habits are formed that block the flow of God’s Spirit in our lives.

Remember, if you want to receive from God, you need to have open eyes that are ready to see and ears that are ready to hear. Don’t allow worldly cares to weigh you down. Ask God to help you eliminate things that keep you from having an intimate relationship with Him.