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From his death bed, Johann Sebastian Bach could reflect on a life of faithful service to God. He had invested the gifts and talents that he had been given, writing hundreds of pieces of music (in numerous forms) that testified of his commitment to God and His Kingdom.

Bach had been vocal about his faith, writing that “the aim and final reason, as of all music…should be none else but the glory of God and the recreation of the mind.” He dedicated piece after piece to God’s glory. So complete was the integration of his faith with his music that he had been called “the greatest of preachers.”

What were his thoughts on his last day on earth, July 28, 1750? A failed eye operation had left him blind. As his health declined, he likely would have been surrounded by family members and friends.

Yet it is clear that his thoughts turned to his upcoming face-to-face encounter with God. And, as so often before, he expressed his thoughts through music. Although totally blind, he completed his last composition, the chorale “Before Thy Throne I Stand.”

The words are intimate, expressing Bach’s own thoughts about appearing before God: “Before Your throne I now appear, O God, and humbly bid You, turn not Your gracious face, away from me, poor sinner.” Bach faced the end of his life with his focus on God.

What does the future hold for you? Are you ready for whatever God allows in your path? Are you prepared for the challenges you will face?

Remember: Someday you will stand before His throne and give an account of your life. Make sure you are ready.