Reaching the Nations

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Even though Jonathan Goforth ministered in China for many years, he remained burdened to reach even more people for Christ. So, in 1907, he decided to visit neighboring Korea.

As author Ruth Tucker describes, the result was a “revival movement that swept through the churches.” Korean Christians were strengthened and there was an “amazing increase of converts.”

Not content with this success, Goforth then traveled to Manchuria where thousands of more lives were impacted for the Gospel. But not all the Christians were pleased. What particularly bothered some was the feeling that Goforth was a fanatic. That he was too extreme. Too committed.

His critics were “uncomfortable” after “hearing reports of weeping and confession of sin and of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.” How easy it would have been for Goforth simply to stop or compromise! But he kept on preaching, and following God’s call. And the impact was great.

For example, in 1918, there was an “overwhelming” response to a two-week evangelistic campaign he held with Chinese soldiers. “At the end of the campaign, nearly 5,000 soldiers and officers took part in a communion service.” Goforth had taken the Gospel to the “very ends of the earth.”

Today, God looks for men and women like Jonathan Goforth, who are sold out for His Kingdom. Who have a zeal for the unsaved, and are dedicated to evangelism. People willing to break out of their comfort zones, and willing to ask Him to give them the “very ends of the earth” as their possession.

Right now, commit your life anew to serving God. Dedicate your resources to Him, and ask Him to take away your fears and worries, and surrender your life to Him. Believe Him for big things. Don’t hold back.