Reaching the Hopeless

Reaching the Hopeless

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

It seemed Jerry McAuley was a lost cause. Born in Ireland in 1839, he was a troublemaker even as a boy. He was raised by his grandmother who sent him to live with relatives in New York, hoping for positive change. But Jerry ran away, making his living as a thief.

When still a teenager, he was sentenced to prison for robbery. The authorities reportedly were glad just to get him off the streets. In prison, he was impressed by a friend who became a Christian. He realized that, through Christ, he could become a new person.

He began praying and reading the Bible. Then one night he felt God’s presence and assurance that He could forgive his sins. It was the beginning of a new life. Eventually pardoned and released, he burned with a passion to share his testimony and help others.

In 1872, he opened the Water Street Mission in New York City as an outreach for those considered without hope. It was the first mission of its kind in the US. Through this outreach, hundreds gave their lives to Christ.

Today, millions have been given up as hopeless. But McAuley’s story reminds us God can do what seems impossible, even change men like Jerry and Paul, who called himself the “worst” sinner.

Do you know anyone who seems without hope? Pray for them. Believe in God for miracles. Remember, with Him all things are possible.