Reaching the Nations

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Peter Cameron Scott was born in Scotland on this day in 1867. His family was poor and eventually they moved to America. As a young man, Scott felt an urgency to preach and was ordained in 1890. But missions became his passion. His vision was to establish a network of stations that would stretch from the southeast coast of Africa into the interior.

Unable to find support from other organizations, he organized the effort himself. To those interested in joining him, he stressed he only wanted men and women committed to follow Jesus.

Scott and his colleagues sailed to East Africa in 1895. Soon after arriving, they began traveling inland. Within their first year, they had established four stations.

The work was grueling and Scott was said to have walked 2,600 miles in one year. But he would not allow anything to hold him back. Knowing the difficulty they faced, he told his colleagues that what they were doing was not “child’s play” but “a battle.”

One of their travels took them into an area known as a “graveyard” (because so many missionaries had died there). Scott knew the dangers but still persevered, and would let nothing stop him. But there he became ill and he died of Black Water Fever.

He was only 29, yet had invested his brief life in the only cause that counted: The battle for Souls. His legacy continues to this day, influencing others to commit their lives to follow Jesus.

Today, the battle for Souls is more intense than ever. Millions of people still need to hear the Good News. Ask God to show you what role He wants you to play in this battle. Dedicate yourself to reaching the world with the Gospel.