Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How do we learn? One of the best ways is to ask questions. This applies in classrooms, the workplace, the home, and in every other sphere of life. Yet we are sometimes reluctant to ask questions, even when dealing with matters we don’t understand. Why are we so hesitant?

At times we don’t know what questions to ask. We may be reluctant to speak up, perhaps concerned about saying something silly, making a mistake, or being rejected. Sometimes we may feel intimidated by the subject matter or the person with whom we are speaking.

These same issues apply in our spiritual lives. The fact is that asking questions opens the door to receiving answers. Questions give us the opportunity to learn, to gain a clearer perspective, to refine our understanding, and even to correct some mistaken ideas.

The believers at Corinth had obviously written Paul, asking a whole series of questions. And because they asked, he was able to provide teaching on several critical subjects, and help them understand. What if they had remained silent? What lessons would they never have received? What mistaken ideas might they have assumed?

Do you have questions? Are there issues that puzzle you? Then don’t be silent. The Bible makes clear that God encourages us to seek Him for answers. Doors open when we knock on them. We find answers when we seek for them (Matthew 7:7).

Call on the Lord today. And be sensitive to the way He might answer your requests.