Proclaiming the Gospel

Proclaiming the Gospel

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Charles Dickens became concerned about problems experienced by the poor resulting from the industrial revolution. He expressed these concerns in a story he called A Christmas Carol, published on this day in 1843.

This classic tale tells of ghosts that haunted a cruel shopkeeper named Scrooge. In his preface, Dickens explained that he hoped to inspire readers to care for the poor.

Although not particularly interested in Christian doctrines or salvation, Dickens was inspired by biblical principles. His book continues to remind us of the importance of practical Christian living and caring for those in need.

Dickens’s story also reminds us of one of the purposes of Jesus’ ministry. The Bible tells us of the day He opened the scroll in the synagogue. He read from the Old Testament prophecy about the Messiah who was to be anointed by the Spirit of the Lord “to preach the gospel to the poor.”

We are reminded of Jesus’ compassion for the poor and desire that all might be saved. Throughout His ministry, we see Him helping meet the basic needs of people. But He always was most concerned about the spiritually poor, people who needed a Savior.

This Christmas season, remember those who are less fortunate. And reach out to those who need the Gospel. Help give them the greatest gift of all: salvation!