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In complex times, Thomas Cranmer was willing to take a stand for his faith, and for the importance of the Bible. Born on this day in 1489, he became one of the leaders of the English Reformation, and was named the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury in 1553. He also was an adviser to Kings Henry VIII and Edward VI.

Among his accomplishments, he put English-language Bibles in churches, drew up the Book of Common Prayer, and composed a litany that is still used in the Church of England. He knew that not everyone agreed with these actions. In fact, after Mary I became queen, he was arrested and convicted of heresy because of his beliefs.

Among his last words before he was executed, Cranmer warned those who “have great substance and riches of this world, that they will well consider and weigh those sayings of the Scripture.” He reminded those around him not to be caught up in the affairs of this world but use their earthly resources for God and His Kingdom.

Cranmer had gained more of God’s perspective, and hoped that others would heed his warning and commit their lives wholly to Him.

Each of us has choices about how we will use the opportunities and resources God has given us. Many focus on experiences or pleasure, accumulating wealth or power. But Jesus said that it can be hard for these people to enter God’s Kingdom.

Remember that someday you will give an account of what you do with your time, talent, and treasure. Make sure that you have the right priorities. Commit your life and resources to God. Make sure that you are seeking first His Kingdom.