Priest, Warrior, Judge, Lord

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Over the centuries, this Psalm baffled and perplexed many people, including scholars and “experts.” Among the questions, to whom was David referring when he wrote, “The Lord says to my Lord”?

Jesus knew that this Psalm presented unique problems. When confronted by the Pharisees, He asked them what David could have meant in Psalm 110. “No one was able to answer Him a word.” They didn’t know how to respond.

But Jesus knew! He gave a clue when He said that David had written “in the Spirit” (Matthew 22:34-46). Today, with Spirit-inspired insight, it is clear that this is a Psalm about Jesus.

David began this psalm with the Lord—Jesus—on the throne, knowing that glory awaited Him. Yet we see Him patiently waiting.

We see Jesus pictured as the Lord, the ruler over His Kingdom. We see Jesus pictured as a warrior, leading His people into victory. We see Jesus in complete purity and innocence. We see Jesus fulfilling God’s eternal plan. We see Jesus as priest, “according to the order of Melchizedek.” And we see Jesus as Judge, who will bring about perfect justice.

Today, remember the message of this Psalm. Remember that Jesus was born that He might be your Priest. This means that, right now, He is interceding with the Father for you. He is your Warrior, leading you into battle, protecting you, and bringing you victory.

He is your Judge, who knows the truth about every situation, and the One who will make everything right. And He is your Lord. Thank Him! Worship Him! Make sure that He is all of these things to you.