Preferring Peace

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For many people, life is a party. The goal is to maximize pleasures and comforts. Others view life largely as a competition, filled with opportunities for personal conquests, to accumulate resources and rewards. This is how many approach business and relationships. Even their Christian lives.

But the Bible warns us that this attitude can be misleading. It can foster fights and arguments, and encourage us to focus on getting attention and credit.

In fact, even a house full of “feasting” can be filled with strife. The Hebrew word here describes religious activities.

We are being warned that our Christian lives can become like competitions, striving to impress.

But this religious activity can shape our attitude toward God as a competition. Not to serve Him gladly or from our hearts but “with strife.” (The Hebrew word here means “a contest.”)

In fact, religious activity does not necessarily draw us closer to God. The Bible even tells us that there is a price to pay for a life that focuses on accumulation and competition. That it is better to have peace and quietness than riches, power, and pleasures.

God does encourage us to have zeal for the Gospel. But we also need to remember not to turn our lives into a competition. Just doing things to get ahead or win praise.

In your life, make it your priority to be humble in God’s sight. Submit your life to Him. Remember always to give Him the glory. And remember to have a heart that is pleasing to Him.

It really doesn’t matter if you receive applause or popularity. What is important is receiving God’s approval. That you have fulfilled His calling on your life. That you have been a faithful servant. Trustworthy. Seeking first His Kingdom.