Praying with Authority

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Elijah stood before King Ahab, all alone. Not backed by armies or the faces of friends and colleagues. In the flesh, this could have been a moment to panic. To hesitate or back down. Yet Elijah was fearless and resolute.

He was confident that God was with him. He knew that God had given him an assignment and His authority. He was bold enough to speak God’s words to the king. To step out in faith, not concerned about his personal reputation or what the king might do.

Faced with similar circumstances, others might have reacted with fear or felt timid in the face of the power of the king.

Nineteenth century evangelist, Reuben Archer (R. A.) Torrey, used Elijah’s example to encourage believers to understand the real power of prayer. Torrey, who was born on this day in 1856, realized that most Christians were praying, but few really prayed with authority. He discovered that most believers were hesitant or afraid.

Writing more than 100 years ago, Torrey reminded readers about the “astounding things” that were brought to pass because of Elijah’s prayers. At his word, the heavens were closed. And only at his word were they opened again.

The Bible reminds us that Elijah did not have superhuman powers, but was a human, just like us (James 5:17). If his prayers had such power, so can ours!

Are you willing to pray with authority? Or will you hesitate? Will you allow doubt and disbelief to dominate your heart? Accept the challenge of believing God at His Word. Exercise the authority He already has given you. Believe that prayer changes things. Pray for your country. For leaders. For your family. Your community. For a move of God. For miracles.