Praying for Political Leaders

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Solomon was considered the wisest of men. Yet when he became king, he also recognized how much he needed God. That he couldn’t succeed without His blessings.

Writing this Psalm, Solomon asked God help him make wise decision. To know what was right in His sight. He knew that, like all political leaders, he needed godly wisdom and to have a heart sensitive to the needs of his people, particularly the poor and needy. And to be ready to “crush the oppressor.”

He prayed that peace and righteousness would be pervasive in the land, and that the righteous would flourish. And that God would give him the discernment and boldness to succeed, and address the problems he would face.

He prayed for financial blessings, for himself and his realm. Blessing on those who were involved in commerce. But that there also would be prosperity and blessing among farmers and those who grow crops.

Psalm 72 presents a model for how we should approach the political leaders of our land. We must never stop praying for them. We are to pray for their success, for God’s blessing, and for them to have His wisdom.

Ultimately, all of these blessings can only come when God receives all the praise. When we all are committed to serve Him. When we, as a people, humble ourselves before Him and seek to please Him, and know His will.

Today, pray for the leaders of your city, state, and nation. Pray that they will have godly wisdom. That they would be concerned for justice and righteousness, and have compassion for the poor and needy. That God would bless them, and that they would recognize all blessings come from Him. That they would honor Him and serve Him.

And pray for a move of God, that more people throughout the world would praise and worship Him, and bless His name.