Praying for Everyone

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Paul told Timothy that we are to pray for “all men.” He did not say “some men,” or those we like or agree with. We are to pray for both men and women – those with whom we agree and those with whom we disagree. People we like and dislike. Believers and nonbelievers. We are not to exclude anyone.

Paul mentioned several types of prayer activity. We are to offer supplications. This means not focusing on ourselves but seeking God on behalf of others. We are to pray for other people. The Greek word implies spending time in a suitable place where we can seek God for these people.

We are also to intercede for them. The Greek word here indicates that we meet with God, just like an interview or conference. Here, we will focus on the problems faced by others and the things they need. And our prayers are to come from thankful hearts, which are grateful for the opportunity to pray for others.

Today, spend time with God in a place where you can concentrate on prayer. Pray for other men and women. People in your family, church, and community. Intercede for these people, and be thankful for the privilege.

Do not be content with a shallow, casual prayer time. Be a serious intercessor. Pray with intensity and focus. This is the kind of prayer that pleases Him and results in changed lives.