Pray in Difficult Times

Pray in Difficult Times

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David wrote this psalm in the middle of intense times. He felt discouraged, vulnerable, and taken for granted. He had been deceived. Others had spoken words of hatred and fought against him “without cause” (v. 3). He was motivated by love, but they “repaid me evil for good and hatred for my love” (v. 5).

David poured out his heart to God and realized that his only hope was in Him. He knew that his life was “passing like a shadow when it lengthens” (v. 23). His knees were weak from fasting. He knew others might “curse” him, but God would “bless” him (v. 28). David looked forward to the time when God would defend him and make everything right.

No matter what others might say or do, he was “in prayer.” He determined to “continue to pray” (CSB). He would seek God in every situation and call out to Him.

You can be honest with God. Pour out your heart about your feelings, the problems you face, and the things others have done and said. You, too, can look forward to a time when God sets things right. You can cry out to God, seek His help, and depend on His lovingkindness.

Remember to spend time in prayer, communing with God. In every situation in life, determine to “continue to pray” (v. 4). Seek God with your whole heart. Call out to Him, confident that He will hear you.