Power and Ability

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Before the Israelites entered the Promised Land, Moses taught them an important insight: God Himself was giving them “the ability to produce wealth.” This promise was packed with important principles.

He wanted them to realize that they could not succeed on their own and constantly needed to depend on God. As they obeyed His commands and trusted Him, He would bless them. Specifically, He would help them to take actions that would result in “wealth.” (The Hebrew word means overflowing abundance of many kinds of resources.)

Moses was not saying that God automatically promised to make them rich. But He did promise to give them the “ability” to make wealth. (The Hebrew word indicates strength or might, and implies being forceful or firm.)

In fact, God was promising to give them the capability to create wealth, and the strength to be successful. To show them the right way to live and how to maximize their investments. This was part of His covenant with them.

(In similar ways, the Bible reminds us that we Reap what we Sow, but what we Sow is our decision. And we must decide what to do with the resources God provides.)

It also was critical that they “remember the LORD your God.” As they entered the Promised Land, they would be exposed to many ideas, and tempted in many ways. They would need to think about God, resist other religions, reject other gods, and consistently live according to His Word.

We face the same kinds of challenges. As we approach our lives, we, too, need to remember that God desires to bless us. He has given us His Word, filled with promises and principles. The question is, how will we respond? Will we live according to His ways, or go our own way? The choice is up to us.