Personal Battles

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Throughout their history, the Israelites fought many battles against superpowers like Egypt and Assyria. But they also faced many minor conflicts, like the one here involving Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh. These were not superpowers, but their opponents presented real problems and important battles.

Ultimately, the Israelites were victorious, and the Bible provides us with these clues to their success. First, they did not take victory for granted but assembled an army “who were prepared for battle.”

Then as the battle unfolded, they cried out to God. They recognized that He was with them and could help them. They did not trust in their own weapons, strategies, or generals but trusted in Him, and followed His leading.

God answered their prayers, and they won the battle. In fact, He answered them in the same way as He did when Israel faced superpowers.

At times, we may feel that our battles are not significant. We may feel that God cares about global issues but not about us and the issues we face. We might not feel worthy or significant enough to take our problems to Him. But Israel’s battle against the Hagrites shows us that every problem we face is important to God. He cares about us and every task we face.

Today, remember that God is ready to help you in every battle you face, big or small. Don’t allow yourself to be overconfident, or rely on your own resources or abilities.

Make sure that you are prepared and that you trust in Him.