Persistent Prayer

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many were curious about the meetings taking place in London under the leadership of Reuben Archer (“R. A.”) Torrey. Thousands had been saved. And many wondered if this was a legitimate work of God.

One man traveled from Glasgow, Scotland, to attend the revival at the request of his grandfather. Years earlier, the grandfather had been part of a commission that studied the revivals sweeping across America. The commission concluded that these were real moves of God. Encouraged, this man and others started praying for revival in Ireland. These men prayed for years. But nothing seemed to happen.

Encouraged by the report of the grandson that Torrey’s meetings were of God, the men made a renewed commitment to prayer, in an effort to bring about revival. Once again, initially nothing happened. The men felt like failures. But they decided to keep on praying. Finally, the fire fell. God rewarded their persistence and their commitment to prayer.

Lives were changed dramatically. One account described how “courts adjourned because there were no cases to try; jails were closed because there were no prisoners.” Many “notorious and hardened and hopeless sinners” were “converted and thoroughly transformed.” People were so consumed by the things of God that they had no time for “ordinary” things.

These people learned the power of persistent prayer, what happens when we pray and keep praying. When we continue to pray even if we don’t immediately see results.

That same principle still is true. Do you believe in the power of prayer? Pray. Pray earnestly. Seek God in humility and with a pure heart. Pray without ceasing.