Persevering for Answers

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In 1885, while only twenty-five years old, American Edward Thompson secured a diplomatic post in Mexico. But his real goal was to be close to the archeological digs near the ancient home of the Chichén Itzá people.

As he explored these ruins, he was able to unearth previously buried buildings, often a brick at a time. Through painstaking efforts, he discovered crypts that had been concealed for centuries. And the more he searched the more he found. For nearly thirty years, he made discoveries that other explorers had overlooked. They had given up too easily.

As he continued to dig and study, one particular site fascinated him. As he searched the ancient records, he determined that a major well had to be present in this location, even though there was no visible trace. Digging beneath the city’s main plaza, he found the well, employing techniques never previously used in archeology.

Because Thompson persevered, archeologists were given a fresh perspective on the Mayan culture and the people who lived in America prior to the arrival of Spaniards in the sixteenth century.

This kind of perseverance can be rare. Many Christians fail to find answers to their problems because they give up too easily. Others fail to receive the depth of wisdom, knowledge, and insight that God has prepared for them because they do not persevere.

Some fail to experience God’s transforming power because they do not have faith, or ask. They forget that Jesus commanded us to come to the Father with confidence, asking for whatever we need, without restrictions or limits!

Today, put Jesus’ words into practice. Ask. Seek. Knock. And persevere until you get the answers you need.