Passing Your Examination

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In our younger years, parents and family members provide standards and rules for our lives. They correct and teach us. Later, this role is fulfilled by teachers, coaches, employers, and others.

As adults, we realize that God is the ultimate Judge. We can be sure that all of us will stand before Him. We can read His Word and learn His standards. We also can know that the Holy Spirit is present in our lives to convict us of sin and show us of our need to change.

But correction also is a part of church life. As Paul prepared to visit Corinth, he declared that he was ready to confront some and correct others, warning that he would “not spare them.” He wanted them to know that he was not exercising his own opinions but acting with the authority he had been given by Jesus.

He hoped that the Corinthians would embrace this opportunity and recognize the need to make changes. They did not need to wait for his visit, or God’s judgment. They could examine themselves!

While hoping they would take personal initiative, he also wanted them to understand his sense of his own personal responsibility for their actions—that his own ministry would be tested based on the degree to which the Corinthians changed: “I hope you will find out that we have not failed the test.”

Today, we can imagine that Paul might ask us the same questions. Are you satisfied with your life? Are you open to the transforming work of the Spirit? Are you listening, ready to change, as He directs?

Let God speak to your heart. Let the Spirit search your thoughts, your actions, and your motives.