Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Hebrews makes it clear: Believers have become “partakers” of Christ. The Greek word here is used six times in the Bible; five are in Hebrews.

This word indicates being united, not being observers but participants. Throughout these passages in Hebrews, we see ways in which we partner or share in the life of Christ. We see how we are united with Him.

The Bible makes clear that our faith is not just a set of rules or stories. Through Christ, we have changed and become new creatures. We are different. And we actually can share in His life. This means that the full range of God’s power and gifts are available to us.

But to share in this life, we must be persistent and hold our confidence in Him steady to the end. We must not give up.

We will experience things that might tempt us to become discouraged. In these moments we must have faith and remain steadfast. When in doubt, we must believe. When tempted, we must be resolved to stay fixed on Him and obey Him.

Today, remember that you are not an observer. You do not have to just read or think about God’s power. You truly are a partaker, a partner, a person who shares in the life of Christ. Declare His promises to be true for you. Receive His victory, abundance, and the fullness of His Spirit.