Overwhelming Problems

Overwhelming Problems

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

While David and his men were on a mission, the Amalekites raided their camp and captured their possessions and loved ones. It seemed that everything had been lost. There was no hope. David’s men blamed him for the loss and even discussed stoning him.

In this seemingly hopeless situation, David turned to God. David might have been angry or worried, but he still cried out for God’s intervention. Then, having been assured by God, he acted on the word he received, believing God could do what seemed impossible: all the captured people and possessions would be saved.

As David acted in faith, God performed a miracle, turning tragedy into triumph. All the women and children who had been captured were returned. And all the stolen goods were recovered. God even blessed David with more than he had before, as he came to possess his enemy’s flocks. Out of what seemed like a tragedy, God brought about overwhelming blessings.

These are lessons for us. We might feel discouraged when we face situations that seem hopeless. Instead, like David, we should pray and commit these situations to God. We should stand on His Word and continue walking by faith. No matter how things look on the surface, we should trust Him and believe He can perform miracles.

Don’t be governed by doubt or worry. Commit every situation to God. Even situations that seem hopeless. Trust Him. Practice living by faith.