Our Father’s Business

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Combat provides an intense environment. Dangers are everywhere. Death lurks around every corner. In this environment some panic. Others become paralyzed with fear. It can be easy to become distracted. But some perform at their best. Ulysses S. Grant was one of those men.

While leading the Union army in the U.S. Civil War, Grant was asked by another officer if he ever felt fear. His reply? “I never had time.” Why? He was so focused doing his duty that he never stopped to think about the possibility of fear.

We see this same kind of focus in the “statement of principle” by Thomas [Stonewall] Jackson, the great General of the Southern armies: “Never take counsel of your fears.” He, too, focused on the goals before him.

This focus reminds us of how God wants us to approach our lives. This was the essence of Jesus’ message to His disciples: They were to focus on their mission, always ready for His return. But always doing His work.

If we are idle or not fully engaged in serving God, we can become distracted and vulnerable to attack. This is why we must stay in tune with God. Listening to His voice. Always concentrating on His assignments.

Make sure that you focus on serving God. Surrender your life to Him. Seek to be sensitive to His call. Avoid distractions. Always seek first His Kingdom.