Our Example

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Cecil Alexander had a passion for children. While her husband became an important church leader, Cecil, who was born in Ireland in 1818, had ministries of her own, establishing a society for girls and co-founding a school for the deaf.

Developing these passions, in 1848 she published a book of children’s hymns. One told about the birth of Jesus: “Once in royal David’s city stood a lowly cattle shed,” she wrote. “There, a mother laid her Baby in a manger for His bed: Mary was that mother mild, Jesus Christ her little Child.”

In particular, Cecil wanted children to know that Jesus set an example for us. Even though He came from Heaven, “His shelter was a stable, and His cradle was a stall” and He lived “with the poor, and mean, and lowly.” He experienced both “tears and smiles,” and knew all the kinds of experiences we all go through.

But Jesus was not just a baby to be worshiped or just remembered during the Christmas season. He is “our Lord in Heav’n above, and He leads His children on to the place where He is gone.” And, some day we shall see Him not in a lowly manger “but in Heaven, set at God’s right hand on high.”

Today, as the world celebrates the Christmas season, remember that baby Jesus became a Man who died on the cross that you might have eternal life. He gave His life that you might be forgiven. And, He left an example as a servant. Seek to follow His example in every situation you face. Seek to serve Him!