One Man and His Sin

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For Israel, it was an embarrassment, a tragedy. Days earlier, they had conquered the seemingly unconquerable city of Jericho. But then they were defeated by the tiny town of Ai and were forced to flee in retreat.

Why had God allowed them to be defeated? He revealed that “the sons of Israel acted unfaithfully.” Had they been guilty of murder? Worshiping false gods? Immorality? No. What was the problem? All it took was the “secret” sin of one man to poison an entire people and bring defeat.

When the community was called together, Achan was identified as the transgressor, and he confessed that he had coveted several items. In direct violation of God’s command, he had taken these things and concealed them in his tent. When confronted, Achan realized he had “sinned against the Lord, the God of Israel” (v. 20). He had polluted the purity of his people, impeded the flow of God’s blessings, and brought about their defeat.

This story illustrates the impact one person can have on others and the power of sin…to destroy, cripple, and block God’s blessings. Only one man had sinned, but the entire community experienced defeat.

This is the kind of impact sin can have on our lives, families, churches, businesses, and nations. God knows every secret, and nothing is hidden from Him. We always will reap what we sow, even if no one else knows.

Today, ask God to cleanse your heart from sin–even the “small” sins–the things no one may know about. Seek to be clean in His sight…freed, purified, and ready for His blessings.