On the Lord’s Side

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In the midst of tragedies and turmoil, many mighty revivals broke out on both sides of the American Civil War. J.C. Granberry, one of the chaplains of the Southern army, recounted how “in the two confronting camps, often at the same hour, there rose with voice and heart the common strain, ‘All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name’!”

Granberry noted that, while war waged around them, pastors and chaplains in the Army of Northern Virginia focused on evangelism, and stressed “eternal things, the claims of God, the worth of the soul,” and the need for salvation. The concern was less about winning the war and more about the Kingdom of God.

Soldiers were subject to “severe temptations” and forced to deal with the constant presence of death. But Granberry found that “grace triumphed over all these disadvantages.”

In their camps and battlefields, soldiers were cut off from organized churches and Sunday schools. Because of the pressures of the war, they often did not have a “day of sacred rest.” Yet many made it a priority to seek spiritual growth.

Many openly talked about the things of God. Many carried Bibles on their marches (and even conducted Bible studies when possible). “They delighted in devotional meetings, and were not ashamed to witness for Christ.” Many were reminded of the words of Moses, that they were “on the Lord’s side.”

Today, the world can seem like a divided place, dominated by partisan issues. In your life, remember that you are on the Lord’s side. Focus on serving Him. Seek first His Kingdom. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the things of this world. Instead, focus on God. Commit your time, talent, and treasure to Him.