Obedient Regardless of Consequences

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jeremiah did not always understand the messages God gave him. But he was willing to obey Him, consistently and faithfully tackling each assignment.

Yet Jeremiah continued to have human emotions. We can imagine how he might have felt when God told him to declare that He was about to destroy the Temple and “make Jerusalem an object of cursing in every nation on earth.” Jeremiah certainly knew that these words would be unpopular, and probably not understood. He realized that he would be criticized, if not killed.

Nonetheless, he obeyed and delivered God’s message. As might have been expected, the message was rejected vehemently, by the religious leaders and “all the people.” Instead of listening to God’s message and thinking about its implications, people focused on attacking Jeremiah.

People were upset by Jeremiah’s perceived lack of authority. To them, he was just a troublemaker. And although he certainly understood their arguments, Jeremiah also knew he was acting under God’s direction and had no choice but to obey—regardless of the consequences or how people reacted.

Each of us, in our own ways, faces situations like this. How easily we can worry about the reaction of other people. Instead, like Jeremiah, we need to seek first God’s Kingdom and focus on pleasing Him. We must stay sensitive to His Spirit, ready to follow His leading. That’s how we can successfully complete the mission He has given us, regardless of how others respond.

Seek to apply these principles in your life. And refuse to be shaken if others don’t understand your commitment to the truth of God’s Word and the advancement of His Kingdom.