Obedience to God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Should our laws be based on convenience? Tradition? Practical concerns? Or the laws of God? Is there a “higher” law? For Hugo Grotius there was no doubt about the answer to these questions.

In his classic book published in 1625, On the Law of War and Peace, Grotius wrote that one principle “is established beyond controversy, that if the authorities issue any order that is contrary to the law of nature or to the Commandments of God, the order should not be carried out.”

As a precedent, Grotius cited the story in Acts 4. He observed that, “When the Apostles said that obedience should be rendered to God rather than men, they appealed to an infallible rule of action, which is written in the hearts of all men.” Grotius knew that when their faith was challenged, Peter and John were resolute and “confident” (v. 13). Why were they so sure? Because of their personal relationship with Jesus, Peter and John knew that He was real and that they would not compromise the Word of God.

Today, many seek to remove God from our public life and eliminate any reference to Him or His Word. But as men like Hugo Grotius have understood, this leads to chaos.

Be sure to base your life on the Word of God. Spend time alone with Him. Seek Him. Get to know Him more intimately. Be strong in the Holy Spirit—ready to resist the temptations in the world.

Stand strong, be bold, and fearless—willing to share your testimony with confidence. God will protect you and give you victory!