Number Your Days

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Even as a young boy, Jehan Alain demonstrated remarkable ability. Born on this day in 1911 near Paris, France, he began assisting his father as the organist of their church when he was just 13. He began attracting attention for his skills both as an organist and composer. Among his achievements, he won first prize at the national conservatory in Paris. There he studied with many of the world’s greatest musicians.

After his graduation, he gained a prestigious post as an organist and continued to compose. But his career was interrupted by World War II. He was called into active service and died in action on June 20, 1940, among the forces defending Saumur. He was 29 years old.

He could have been one of the thousands who died during that conflict but were forgotten. Yet his reputation continues to grow today. Why? In part because he did not waste his abilities or the time he had been given, completing more than 120 works.

Alain was motivated by a strong faith. As he wrote in his diary on the day he was killed, “I believe in Christ and in God.” He also understood the importance of faith. He once wrote about the limits of reason and the times when we do not have the “words to implore God’s mercy.” At such times, we must continually seek God, “ceaselessly and with a vehement faith.” He knew that “faith alone can go further.”

Alain’s life reminds all of us that our lives are short. In Psalm 90, we read of Moses asking God for help that we might “number our days.” He needed God’s help to take advantage of every opportunity and invest his life in the things that mattered.

Today, make sure that you number your days. Spend your time pursuing things that please God. Don’t leave anything undone.