New Dimensions

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God used the prophet Joel to wake His people up. To encourage them to recognize that, unless they changed, the land would be devastated. He called them to repent. To humble themselves. To pray and “return to Me with all your heart.”

Their situation seemed hopeless, but He offered hope. If they returned to Him, He was ready to save them. He would restore what they had lost. He would be in their midst, and even enable them to experience new abundance.

But in many ways, the most exciting development was His promise to bring them into a new dimension of the Spirit. To pour out His Spirit.

This would mean unprecedented demonstrations of power. He promised that, after His Spirit was poured out, people would see His mighty works and turn to Him. And “whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

But these promises only would be fulfilled if they made genuine changes. If they repented and confessed their sins, humbled themselves and cried out for His mercy, prayed and sought His face, and returned to Him with their hearts.

Today, God offers us the same promises. He stands ready to bless us. Restore what has been lost. To heal our land and provide deliverance. To bring us into new dimensions of abundance. To pour out His Spirit with new demonstrations of His power.

Just think! God has poured out His Spirit for you! In ways the people of Joel’s time could not imagine, the Spirit changes everything.

Believe Him for new spiritual breakthroughs. Humble yourself. Pray. Seek Him with your whole heart. Expect great things.