Never Forgotten

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The political and religious leaders saw that Jesus was attracting a following. They did not know His true intentions or where this response would lead. One thing was clear: To them, it was imperative that His influence come to an end.

Looking back, they knew that others before Him had attracted a following. But each had failed. The leaders just wanted to silence Jesus and add Him to the list of those who had been forgotten.

Their strategy seemed to have succeeded. He had been abandoned by His friends. Few had been brave enough to attend His crucifixion. Soon, they may have assumed, Jesus would have been forgotten.

These leaders were shocked to learn that His body had disappeared from the tomb where He had been buried. They developed a strategy to minimize any further disruption. They paid the soldiers who had watched His tomb to spread the rumor that His disciples had stolen His body.

This rumor spread, but His followers learned the truth: He indeed had risen from the dead. Every effort to silence Him had failed, and He could not be forgotten.

This story reminds us that God remembers. All the world may walk away. Our actions may be forgotten. We may be overlooked and taken for granted. But He knows everything. He knows when we have been faithful, and He keeps His Word. His plans are sure, and He cannot be stopped by armies or governments, no matter how powerful.

Today, you can rejoice that God fulfills every promise. He rewards faithful servants who are good stewards of the resources they have been given. And He never forgets!