Need a Prayer Partner Today?

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Have you ever come to a place in your life when you needed a prayer partner to agree with you in prayer, evict the enemy from your life, or claim God’s promises for your breakthrough? Well, at the Inspiration Prayer Center, you have dedicated prayer ministers ready to help you in exactly those ways.

“Whether you recognize it or not, a spiritual battle is raging in an unseen world,” explains Inspiration Ministries founder David Cerullo. “It’s being waged by an unseen enemy who is intent on killing, destroying, and stealing your spiritual life, your family, your physical health, and your finances.”

Through the faithful financial Seeds of Inspiration Partners, David created the Inspiration Prayer Center to help people do battle against the enemy through prayer. Testimonies abound of physical healings, financial breakthroughs, families restored, depression lifted, and other amazing answers to prayer.

One day Jesus’ disciples tried unsuccessfully to cast out a demon from a young boy (Mark 9:16-29). This must have puzzled them, since they had successfully cast out demons many times before.

“This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer,” Jesus told them. Prayer is a weapon, but it’s not based on human strength or ingenuity—it works because of God’s supernatural power.

Inspiration Prayer Center manager, Justin Hegwood, says, “With God’s direction, our prayer ministers give people hope and help boost their faith in the Lord. Many of the people who contact us are facing situations that appear hopeless, and they just need a friend to remind them that, with God, all things are possible.”

Justin notes that there’s a sense of God’s mighty hand of direction on the calls with our Partners: “Every morning, God deposits His messages of inspiration with each of us, and He divinely directs every call, email, and letter to meet the person’s needs,” Justin says. “It feels good to know that God is here with us, guiding our steps.”

Prayer minister Marilyn says God has led her to pray with many Partners who are in financial distress or need help with direction in life. Recently a woman called to request prayer because she had lost her job. Marilyn encouraged her to ask God to multiply her gifts and talents while she was out of work: “I suggested that she buy a box of encouragement cards and hand them out to people, maybe at a retirement home.” To Marilyn’s amazement, the woman started to cry and said, “I love elderly people!”

Marilyn marvels at the “divine appointments” that often seem to occur with such calls. “Sometimes a simple conversation and prayer can change a person’s destiny,” she concludes. “One of my greatest joys is to hear the relief in somebody’s voice after I’ve prayed with them.”

Prayer minister Laura emphasizes that the Inspiration Prayer Center exists as an extension of God’s love. “I tell them that we’re here for them,” Laura says. “We want them to know that God loves them and so do we.”

God loves YOU today, and He wants to intervene in your circumstances with the breakthrough you need.

Last year our INSPIRATION PRAYER CENTER received over 220,000 prayer requests—nearly a quarter million. And thousands of people invited Jesus Christ to be the Lord of their life as they prayed with our prayer ministers!

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