Moments of Praise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was called “The Psalms Experience.” Recently held in New York City, it was a festival featuring performances of settings of all 150 Psalms, with each Psalm performed in treatments by 150 different composers.

Some compositions were written by noteworthy musicians from the past like Johann Sebastian Bach and Anton Bruckner. Also featured were many contemporary composers such as Arvo Pärt. Such diversity was designed to show the way the Psalms have impacted many cultures throughout the world and the unique, individual ways their messages can resonate in our hearts.

The festival was called an opportunity, not just to celebrate the wonders of the Psalms, but also to focus on the richness of the messages found in its pages. And to celebrate its impact throughout time.

Believers are reminded that they have the opportunity to experience this kind of blessing any time. The Psalms are available to us through God’s Word. They give us the opportunity to be refreshed. They are reminders of our past and the way God has worked in history. They give us words that articulate our worries and fears, and help us respond to life’s challenges.

Perhaps most importantly, the Psalms continually point us back to God. They remind us of all that He has done for us and the many ways He has helped us in the past. They provide us with words that become expressions of praise.

In your life, don’t forget about the importance of praising God. You can praise Him silently, right where you are. You can praise Him aloud, with words and songs. You can praise Him alone, or with other believers.

This praise changes your perspective, and helps you focus on the Lord. It reminds you of His majesty and glory, and celebrates His Word.