Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Today, the Lost Grove Cemetery might seem completely out of place. Isolated amid verdant farmland, we can find this cemetery because, even in its obscure location, it is a short distance from major highways, and rural roads.

The grove was named by pioneers who settled the Iowa plains in the mid-19th century. Without signs, cities, or roads, they needed distinguishing landmarks to help them know where they were, and where they were going. They noticed a small grove of trees growing on a modest hill. This grove seemed “lost” but it helped many know where they were, and to find their way.

The grove continued to be an important landmark even after the region was settled. Yet even with a landmark this clear, blizzards could strike with blinding impact. In fact, once a man lost his life just a short distance from safety and shelter. He couldn’t see anything. Not even the Lost Grove.

In our world, millions of people are spiritually lost. They go through the storms of life, but do not know what to do. World events can cause them to be filled with turmoil, and they do not know where to turn for answers. They need Jesus!

The Bible reminds us that He was like a good shepherd who went searching for a lost sheep “until he finds it.” In fact, He came to seek and save the Lost (Luke 19:10).

Today, do you feel lost? Uncertain? Do you need direction? Remember. Jesus is by your side. Call on Him. Ask for the wisdom you need. Let Him point the way. But don’t forget. People near you, and around the world, are lost. Commit yourself to reaching them with the Gospel.